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Hello and thanks for checking out my business.

While I work in the property industry, I am really here to help people like you make it easier to move to the Coast. Having been a Sunshine Coast local for a long time now and having a love of property, I have seen how hard it can be if you’re not a local to make the move up here and really felt there was a need for those relocating or buying up here to have someone really in your corner through that process – someone who’s on the ground, knows the ins and outs of the Sunshine Coast, understand the property market, and only has your best interests at heart – to help you through that process.

The Sunshine Coast has been a home for me for over 30 years – from a holiday place at Noosa when I was young, to my family moving to the southern part of the Coast when I was a teenager, and ultimately myself moving here 10 years ago.  I have explored different parts of the coast at many different stages through my life, and now I love enjoying the coastal lifestyle with my husband and two children.

My first foray in to real estate began over 25 years ago (I can’t believe it was that long?!) while I was at University in Brisbane. I was 21 and had secured money for a deposit to purchase a little townhouse in inner Brisbane. With a mortgage at that age, I was very focused on making my corporate career in marketing a success to pay the first property off, but all the while was always watching property prices and the property market.  A little while later I moved to London with work and spent 4 years over there as a lot of Australians do, returning to find the property market was going through another boom.

One thing I’ve always been interested in has been planning and design and how developments and infrastructure can create value opportunities for properties. At the time, I worked as the Business Development Manager at a major planning and design firm – a perfect role for me which combined my career and personal interests. During that time, and with my eye on what was being planned for Brisbane, I saw an opportunity to buy in an inner city suburb of Woolloongabba which back then wasn’t very popular – I remember friends and family thought I was crazy to buy there. But sure enough, over a few years significant infrastructure was announced around that area including rezoning which created a great value opportunity that I then was able to advantage of – and involved a very unique story of a subsequent simultaneous sale and purchase and my own little subdivision in the CBD fringe suburb of Spring Hill.

When I met my future husband many years ago, he was a coast boy and I knew that ultimately the Coast would become home again. And, it gave me another opportunity to use my property knowledge and skills to successfully secure our Noosa home – great timing as it was in the middle of the GFC so was able to take advantage of the buyer’s market at the time. We have spent 10 years here now, and love everything that the lifestyle has to offer so have become very big advocates of helping those who want to relocate make a seamless transition.

The combination of my knowledge of the Sunshine Coast, passion for helping clients make the right decision in their move, and my property experience, has created the path to establishing Home Scouts.

I love working one-on-one with clients throughout their journey and really understand exactly what they’re looking for and take the patience and time to make sure their purchase is the right one for them. And really get to know them along the way throughout the relationship. For all this is a journey, some longer than others, but I am committed to supporting you throughout that journey. I selectively only work with a small number of clients at a time, to make sure you get the best service and outcomes.

If this is what you are seeking for help with your move up here to the Coast, I would love to have a chat.


Professional qualifications

Real Estate Licence no. 4252045

Bachelor of Business

Bachelor of Arts

Bronze Medallion Lifesaver, Noosa Surf Lifesaving Club

Member, Noosa Tri Club

Recent projects:

Sunshine Coast

THE BRIEF – to find a renovated home that could accommodate a growing family.

OUTCOME – extensive research uncovered this property in which the family still happily resides and has achieved strong capital growth.

Sunshine Coast

THE BRIEF – To deliver a beautiful, adaptable open plan home suitable for a sole occupant.

OUTCOME – The owner couldn’t be happier with her home, which is a great functional, open plan design.


THE BRIEF – to free up capital from this inner city block, a 397m2 block with Queenslander built on it.
OUTCOME – secured approval to subdivide to create a new 162m2 vacant block, with vacant land sold in 2017 delivering a solid capital return.

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