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Homes Selling Sight Unseen Becoming Mainstream Home Scouts Noosa Buyers Agency

Homes selling sight unseen becoming mainstream?

Interesting article in the Wellington Times about the movement to purchasing homes sight unseen.

Sunshine Coast Sight Unseen Purchases

On the Sunshine Coast, many properties have been purchased this way over recent months, without a buyer advocate involved.

Your Investment Property Magazine cited 3 key rules when buying a property sight unseen:

  1. Only buy brand new dwellings, so that you know the specs of the property you’re buying and you’re covered by Builder’s Warranty Insurance.
  2. Always engage someone to view the property on your behalf (this is where we can help!). This enables you to identify any obvious issues relating to the property or the neighbourhood that sales agents may selectively omit.
  3. Weigh up all the risks before proceeding. The biggest risk if you’re not local to the area is not understanding the area you are buying in, including the demographic, facilities and local supply and demand. Only locals really understand what is happening in specific area/s.

If you’re looking to buy in the Sunshine Coast area and need some local support, we are here to help.





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