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How does good home design improve your quality of life?

Are you considering purchasing a home and renovating, or perhaps building a brand new home and wondering if paying for architectural design is really worth the money? Will it really improve your life that much?

Having worked for design firms over a number of years and worked with architects on new builds and renovations, here are some of the ways in which great design can make your life better that i’ve learnt along the way.

Not only are there economic reasons that good design delivers long term benefits – such as helping to increase the value of your property, but there are many lifestyle benefits that a well designed space can deliver.

Great design maximises your space

I recently subdivided a property in Brisbane to create a 162m2 parcel of land. You might think that not much could be built on this size of land, but in fact the choice of design has a big impact on how the internal floor area can be maximised. This has meant that a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home with large living spaces could be created. And, even when budget is a limiting factor, there are many creative ways to maximise space and create the feeling of spaciousness through use of light and voids – even when that’s not objectively the case.


How much you socialise isn’t just down to your personality – there’s also practical considerations. You’re not likely to throw a party if you have no floorspace and your walls are so badly soundproofed that your neighbours can hear every word. You’re more likely to invite friends and family over for dinner if you have a dining room or at least space for a decent-sized dining table.


Do you have secluded places to escape to in your home? Good design can create areas for everyone in your household to feel as though they have a space of their own.


Having a dedicated space for hobbies means you’ll engage in them more often and with more ease, which is likely to boost wellbeing. It needn’t be a large space, it just needs to be well designed. A drawing table for those who like to paint or do art, or an area for making surfboards (as my husband likes to do now) can improve the happiness and wellbeing of everyone in the family.

Health benefits

Two of the aspects of home design that have the most health benefits are air quality (particularly ventilation) and daylighting. A well designed home makes the most of the home’s orientation and access to daylight.

Ventilation – removing stale air and bringing fresh air in – is essential for a healthy home with good air quality.Another way design can improve air quality and therefore health is by using natural materials.

International research by Human Spaces found people are more likely to feel happy and motivated and less likely to feel bored or anxious when entering a room rich in daylight with indoor plants and good ventilation.

Good design allows personalisation to suit you


Working with an architect to renovate or design your new home will help create a space that reflects your unique personality. Houses built by mainstream developers are typically of a very standardised form, as developers want to guarantee sales as quickly as possible so won’t push the boat out with unusual designs.

With a custom build, you have an unique opportunity to choose an architectural style that suits your personal taste and reflects your personality.


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