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Location, location, location….

When choosing the right home for you and your family, it’s easy to fall in love with a property and its design features, but how important is the community it is part of?

When we help find clients their properties, one of the first questions we ask is: what is most important to you in the property you’re looking for, and why?

For example, if you have children at school, proximity to the local school or access to regular buses and transport may be priorities. Or for families with younger children, proximity to parks and playgrounds may be key.

If you’re retired and looking for an area which is quiet and peaceful, you may be looking for a home with less maintenance, or close to facilities and services for each access.

When buying in Brisbane or the Sunshine Coast, there are also a wide range community types that you can buy in to – for example, some areas include quiet and close knit estates as well as gated communities. Knowing what sort of community you want to be part of is particularly important for those looking to find a home to live in themselves.

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