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Due Diligence and Pricing Analysis

Have you found your perfect Sunshine Coast property already, and just not sure how to approach the pricing of it? 

We’ll work together to:

• Prepare detailed property report of the property you’re looking at
• Utilise our research tools and knowledge to analyse comparable sales and inform price range for your property 
• Advise on pricing strategies 


Detailed Property Report

We will undertake a detailed property report on the Sunshine Coast or Noosa property you’re looking at, including details of easements, risks and any key elements which could provide opportunities for negotiating on your property. 

You will have:

• A detailed property report


Pricing analysis

We will undertake detailed analysis of comparable sales and current listings that are relevant to the property you’re looking at, in order to inform the pricing strategy on your chosen property. For investment properties, this will also include analysis of rental and yield. 



The information we prepare for you will inform our advice on the best strategies to secure your property and pricing. 

You will have:

• Confidence that you’re not overpaying for a property

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