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Property Research Report

Found a Sunshine Coast property you’re interested in buying or renting, and need someone local that you trust to check it out for you?

We can help with:

  • Getting in to see a Sunshine Coast or Noosa property quickly on your behalf
  • Detailed property viewing / video walk through and photos (internal and external)
  • Video and photography of the streetscape and surrounding homes
  • Discussion with the agent to identify any key information on the property
  • Local insights about the street/area that you may not find in the marketing materials
  • Additional insights such as easements and any issues affecting the property
  • Same day report following property inspection


You brief me on the property you’d like me to look at and we’ll discuss my process and drill down to particular detail to investigate.

You will have:

•  An agreed plan of attack on timing and what we’ll cover in the home inspection


I’ll meet with the agent, undertake the Sunshine Coast property inspection and discuss any key elements regarding the property with the agent.

You will have:

•  A live video walkthrough, or a video of the property to view when it suits you

•  Answers to any burning questions you may have in relation to the property


In addition to the video of the property, I’ll put together a report which identifies key issues relating to the home (including, among others: easements, noise impacts, bushfire hazards, etc).

You will have:

• A property report and video to help you make the best informed decision

• Within the same day of the property inspection

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