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Securing a rental in a tight market

The Sunshine Coast also continues to deliver one of the strongest property markets in Australia, with a vacancy rate of less than 1.5 per cent and consistent property and rental prices.

The region continues to be a high demand area, with the influx of interstate and international people seeking a sea change, and competition for rental properties in prime suburbs such as Noosa, Sunshine Beach, Sunrise Beach and Peregian is currently fierce.

Liveability, amenity and proximity are the three key things that tend to make a rental market tight here on the coast. That means rents are often high and because the demand outstrips supply, the prices inevitably rise.

So how can you secure a property in a tight market?

Here are 5 top tips for securing a property in this type of market:

Be ready to act quickly

This could mean getting to know key Property Mangers in your area, making sure they are aware you are looking for a property and understand your requirements / budget.

Have your rental application ready to go for when you find a suitable property. Regardless of which agency is managing the property, rental applications have common information that they seek – such as proof of income, references, past rental history etc. Gather this information and fill out the rental application either on the spot, in advance, or immediately, then submit the application straight away.

Get to know the letting agents

At an inspection, do take the time to chat with a property manager, letting them know your interest in this and other similar properties. A tenant who offers a good application, solid references and makes a good impression is just the type of person they may reach out to when it comes to letting the next home.

Make a good first impression

At any rental open home, property managers are looking for people who stand out from the crowd as responsible, reliable and dependable. This is taken into account, in addition to the formal application provided.

Have a good history

Your previous rental history can make or break an application. This is why it’s critical you meet your obligations as a renter. If there are blemishes on your rental history, explain them in the application. And don’t be tempted to think agents won’t know, they are required to check databases and references.

Negotiating a lease

In a tight rental market, be careful if you’re considering trying to negotiate rental price / terms. With 15-20 other potential renters you’re competing with, there are going to be tenants willing to pay the asking price and will secure the property first.

How we can help

At Home Scouts, we can help advise on the renting process if you are remote to the area, and access the properties quickly on your behalf to determine if they are suitable for you. We can provide you with background suburb and area information if you are unfamiliar with the area/s.


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