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1. Detailed Property Brief

We will spend up 30 – 45 minutes to develop a detailed briefing of the type of property you are looking for, along with key area/s of focus, budget and timeframe. I will also share with you recent relevant sales to help determine what is achievable and realistic for your purchase.

You will have:

  • a detailed property purchase brief
  • examples of recent sales
  • a plan for next steps

2. Search and Locate

We will work together to search and locate properties that meet your brief. You may have seen on-market properties or have your own real estate contacts that you engage with, and I will liaise with my real estate network to identify any off market properties that may meet your brief.

You will have:

  • Assistance to identify on and off-market properties that meet your brief

3. Inspections

I will inspect with you (via video) any shortlisted properties (up to 12) which meet your brief.  For each shortlisted property you want to pursue, I’ll also put together a report which identifies key issues relating to the home (including, among others: easements, noise impacts, bushfire hazards, etc).

You will have:

  • a video walkthrough of up to 12 shortlisted properties
  • local insights in to the area and the home, that you may not have remotely
  • a property report on each shortlisted property within the same day of the inspection

4. Negotiation

In this process, you take the lead in liaising directly with the agent yourself on negotiations to purchase the property. I will be on hand to support you and assist with recommended third party suppliers (eg. building and pest inspectors, conveyancers) but you drive the purchase yourself.

5. Settlement

You manage the settlement, but we are here to support with recommendations of third party advisors you can engage to help with finalising your purchase (eg. conveyancers, builders, etc) and once your property has settled (eg. property managers, interior designers, handymen). 

Contact Bron to get started or 0413 444 864

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